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  App specs ; License. Free ; Version. ; Platform. Windows. Other platforms (2) ; OS. Windows 10 ; Language. English. Available languages. English; Arabic. Enjoying a movie or a spot of TV with your friends or family has become more difficult through , but it's also seen a rise in ways to. Amazon Prime Video (Windows 10 App) is an application available for computers running the Windows 10 operating system.  

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The largest downside of choosing to use Amazon Prime Video is the lack of third-party shows , which continue to deplete as alternatives make their shows unavailable to other services. However, each digital streaming service offers different content, such as Netflix and their original productions.

Capture images and videos for free with Debut Video Capture Software. Free mouse click automation tool. Undoubtedly one of the heavy hitters when it comes to cloud storage. The first is that it's not necessarily available in all regions and you're limited to watching with people from the same region as you and your Amazon Prime account.

The second is that it requires the desktop, no mobile app support, Windows app support or console support is included at this time. If you're on Windows, you're set, but any of your Mac-using friends will, according to Amazon, have to switch away from Safari to use this. And it goes without saying that each member of your Watch Party must have a valid Amazon Prime subscription. You'll now be into your Watch Party and you'll be the only one with control over playback. There are a couple of important windows next to the video player, too.

The first is where you'll find the link your other party members will need to join you. You can either copy and paste this or share it from within the web app to social or email.

Remember, anyone with the link can watch with you, so if you want to keep it to a small group, be careful who you send it to. The other important button is to end the party when you're done, though you can continue beyond the current episode you're watching if you're having a good time.

The best cheap Windows laptop deals for students, work, and more in Au See all comments It's fineee.. I guess if I had insane amounts of disposable cash I would have 4K devices coming out of my butt, etc.

But none of the devices I run the Amazon Prime Video app on are 4K, so that doesn't matter in the least. And, in my opinion, HDR actually ruins the viewing experience, so that's not a thing I care about.

So, as far as I'm concerned there are zero cons with the app so far. You not having a 4K device doesn't discount that as a desirable feature. That's like saying you don't have good speakers so audio quality doesn't matter. For you, the app is probably fine, but it is distantly behind competing apps from other major streaming services. The answer is an obvious no and this is a negative no matter how you spin it.

There is no world where "only" full HD is awesome. Had this app had the ability for 4K you wouldn't lose a thing, there is literally no downside for you. But for anyone else there is, which is the point. No option for HDR is a letdown in , whether you prefer it or not.

Same with PnP. I'm glad you enjoy the app, truly, but not everyone has as low standards for a service they pay for. It's Ok to demand more and not have to settle. Witness not one, but two writers coming down on one comment That's because you're incapable of discerning a critique. You're only role in comments is to be partisan and negative.

My beef isn't with DRDiver's personal opinion, which I flat out state "I'm glad you enjoy the app, truly. That's misguided. Had DRDiver said "I can see how some will find this app lacking and disappointing, but personally, it's NBD for me" no one would disagree. And no one is going "ballistic" in comments. We're having a discussion. If you can't handle that then this site is not for you nor is the internet, tbh. It's Daniel Rubino. What did you expect? He torches anyone that goes against his beliefs in a very unprofessional way.

I am certainly not a Daniel Rubino apologist. I don't always agree with his opinion or takes, but so what if he's harsh on certain people. It's like the writers here can't have their own opinion but you as a visitor can? And my lord, must there be some many of you who act like third grade girls and get your panties in a bunch every time someone has a harsh critique? My lord! Is this a result of all these kids getting a trophy for just participating in events?

Even when they come in last place? Content Grievance and Compliance. Live Event Troubleshooting. Prime Video Audio Tracks. Prime Video Watch Party. Prime Video Channels.



Prime video on windows 10. Amazon Prime Video for Windows 10 is better than a browser — but not good enough

    We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. This makes Prime Video fall behind Netflix, one of its biggest competitors. You'll now be into your Watch Party and you'll be the only one with control over playback.


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